Born and raised in Omaha, Kim started at a fairly young age because she found she had a passion for music.  In fact, her entire family has a passion for music!  Inspired by her brother, Dave, Kim got her 1st guitar at age 11.  She did her 1st wedding at age 12.  She’s been singing ever since. 

      At age 14 she was in a band playing locally for 3 years.  Playing at company Christmas parties during the beginning years, was a great introduction to a commercial opportunity offered by John Kraft of John Kraft Chevrolet.  She did the commercials for 16 years! (Special thanks to John Kraft.)

     Kim enjoyed doing vocals for local and national radio jingles for several years. 

At 18, Kim decided to go out as a single act, both locally and in the Midwest.   Two years later, Kim went on the road full time for the next 4 years.  Living in Minnesota those 4 years had Kim seeing the northern territory.  In 1982, Kim and her husband settled back in Omaha, where she continued to work locally while raising a family.

      Well, the kids are grown and gone and Kim works both locally and on the road allowing her to enjoy both family and work with a great balance! 

  In 2000, Kim recorded her CD in Tennessee at the foothills of the Smokey Mts.  The family had a great experience mixing vacation and studio time! 

  With her entire family loving music, Kim found she enjoyed many different genres and prefers not to be considered as any one particular style. 

   Being a guitar/vocalist, one can easily assume her repertoire falls into county, folk, easy listening and soft rock.  Although she plays all of the above, with today’s technology and sound, Kim loves singing the great older classics, torch songs and covers music from the 1920’s & 30’s on up to today’s pop and newer classics.